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Set up in 1996 by Chris Beer, Skyworld Aviation started trading as Skyways Aviation through its trading activities on behalf of Skyways, a dominant player in the Swedish regional airline market at the time, operating over 50 regional aircraft. Skyways Aviation was tasked with managing the fleet of the airline during a period of significant change in the Swedish domestic market when several airlines were merging under the “Skyways” brand.

Once this period of consolidation was complete, Skyways Aviation began third party fleet activities and expanded the customer base, explored new territories, and diversified with different aircraft types. In 2009  Skyways Aviation became completely independent and rebranded as Skyworld Aviation and soon became one of the leaders in the industry and remains one of the dominant players in regional aircraft trading.


Skyworld has clocked up around 600 aircraft related transactions, primarily in the regional market, on behalf of airlines, private owners, financial institutions and lessors. We have worked with over 200 clients worldwide and we pride ourselves as being the ‘go to’ organisation for all aircraft requirements in the regional market, with a vast network of contacts in support services to operators of aircraft.